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Full Facial Framing

Frontal View: Before and After 10 Days

Cheeks: Voluma was used to achieve more lift and symmetry.

Chin: Voluma was used to achieve soft and feminine contour for balance and a beautiful framing of the entire face.

Eyes: Mini PDO threads were placed along both eyebrows for symmetry and eye brightening.

Recent Past Treatment: SKINVIVE, PDO mini threads over Right eye to address scar tissue and create symmetry. Petite chemical peel for mild breakouts.

🌟 Facial Framing Fridays are Here! 🌟

Are you ready to enhance your natural beauty and achieve that perfect facial balance? Look no further! Introducing Facial Framing Fridays where we’re all about sculpting, defining, and framing your best facial features for a radiant, confident you..

1. Temple Transformation: Guess what? Juvéderm Voluma just got the FDA nod for temples! 🌟✨ So, let’s talk tippy-top. Often overlooked, our temples lose volume around the eyes and forehead. But fear not! Voluma temple treatments swoop in like magical sculptors, subtly restoring that lost volume. Picture it: a harmonious canvas from upper face to midface.

And those who’ve tried temple treatments report looking five years younger (yep, you read that right!). Clinical trials back it up. Say adios to hollows and hello to a lifted, youthful vibe. 🙌

2. Cheek Chic: Picture your face as a real estate map. The cheek/ mid-face is prime property, nestled between your forehead and jaw. It’s like the Goldilocks zone—just the right spot for youthful balance! 😎

3. Chin Confidence: A well-defined chin is the secret to facial symmetry. Voluma is FDA approved for chin contouring and will sculpt your chin, adding structure and balance. The chin is often neglected but chin balance is key to an overall stunning look.Seriously! It’s the yin to your cheek’s yang. Balance it, and you’ve got a symphony of beauty. 🎶

4. Jawline Magic: Let’s talk jawline. Your profile is important for facial harmony. And Juvéderm Volux is our secret weapon. It’s like Photoshop for your face – smoothing, tightening, and defining your jawline. Get ready to improve your profile, create definition and add a seamless transition from your face to your neck. Slay those profile photos! 📸

5. Skin Sparkle: Last but certainly not least... skin! Hyaluronic acid is your skin’s BFF. A fan favorite for lasting improvement of the skin is SKINVIVE by Juvéderm. It simultaneously stimulates collagen and elastin production and activates your skin’s internal water channels. Translation: healthy skin that sparkles with glow and radiance. Give that disco ball some competition 💦💫

Fridays starting June 21st through Fri July 19th.

Can’t make a Friday? We have 2 additional days

Thurs, June 20th  and Weds, July 3rd reserved for you!

Pricing for VOLUMA™ and VOLUX™ and promos for Filler Framing Fridays:

1. Juvéderm® VOLUMA™ XC:

1 syringe- $100 off

2 syringes- $125 off each

3 syringes- $150 off each

Regular price: $900 per ml

2. Juvéderm® VOLUX™ XC:

1 syringe- $100 off

2 syringes- $125 off each

3 syringes- $150 off each

Regular price: $1000 per ml

3. Full Facial Balance BONUS:

Buy 4 or more syringes of Voluma or Volux or mix and match as needed, receive 2 SKINVIVE syringes FREE


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